Four natural remedies for falling hair

Hair loss affects a surprising number of people around the world, and this condition has the potential to set in at early ages that might surprise many. For a long time, different solutions and remedies for hair loss have been touted and improved upon, but many of the most popular and proven methods come from a natural place.

Here are four natural remedies to combat hair loss.

  1. Hair oil – For many, hair oil can be the difference between hair loss issues and strong hair with reinforced roots. There are many different hair oil options; some of the most popular choices being coconut and almond oils. Application of hair oil can improve blood flow and scalp condition.
  2. Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera has retained a name in the natural remedy world offering many potential benefits in many areas of health and healing. One of the less known areas is fighting hair loss. Aloe Vera has the benefit of managing the scalps pH levels while assisting with healing scalp irritation.
  3. Licorice roots – Licorice might not be the first thing one thinks of when it comes to combatting hair loss, or maybe even any health risk at all. Applying licorice roots to the scalp has been shown to fight things like balding and dandruff, as well as general irritations of the scalp.
  4. Indian Gooseberry – If you haven’t heard of Indian Gooseberry, it is time to catch up. Filled to the brim with Vitamin C among other healthy nutrients, it can be a major solution and prevention of hair loss.


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