What is Chi's Myomin?

A natural skepticism seems to be growing in Western culture towards traditional medicine. For sure, some medications come with significant side effects, and doctors are not always able to cure what ails us during a visit. As a result, many look towards supplements to help manage their health, as they find the natural herbal route to be appealing.


In some cases, there is scientific evidence in clinical trials to support supplements. For example, fish oil has been shown to provide heart health benefits, and can boost our mood as well. Most people who work in an office environment and do not absorb enough natural light benefit from Vitamin D supplements.


In other cases, the results are less solid, and potentially dangerous. One example is Myomin, which is sold under the premise of “balancing chi”. For starters, actually gauging “chi deficiency” is flimsy at best, as there is no standard measuring stick (if you see five different practitioners, you’re likely to hear five different opinions!) Ingredients of the supplement may vary; one that is sold contains equal parts astragalus membranaceus, curcuma zedoaria, and cyperus rotundus.


The scary part of a supplement such as this is zero oversight: it is not subjected to FDA approval for effectiveness or safety. If you get side effects from the supplement, there are very few credible experts who can help you manage it. It’s also possible the supplement will have a bad reaction with a medication you’re presently taking.


If you don’t have the same energy you used to have, it’s probably not your “chi”. Exercise, eat better and take time to decompress and sleep well. That’s proven effective and won’t cost $45 per bottle.  

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