Use A Potent Mixture Of Garlic And Honey To Do Away With The Symptoms Of Common-Cold

Something as trivial as a common cold can lead to development of symptoms like a headache and a running nose. You should not be surprised to find yourself down with a sore throat and, of course, there is the cough to struggle with. The occasional high fever accompanied by a body ache make the situation miserable and very uncomfortable.

The most  disturbing aspect of a cold is that it is very difficult to prevent one. Young children are the most likely to get it because they have a relatively weak immune system, while adults who have a fully developed immune system are not likely to get the infection.

There is very little one can do to prevent an infection. It is so common that everyone catches an infection once in a while. There are several measures to deal with a cold like you can get inhalers or ointments to rub on your chest to ease the congestion. But you should really try out some home remedies first.

Like you should use some garlic cloves to effect a treatment. Begin by boiling a couple of garlic cloves in chopped form in a cup of water. To this, add a teaspoon of  honey. The antiviral and antibacterial properties of garlic are sure to work their magic. Regular consumption of the prepared mixture 2-3 times a day is sure to alleviate all symptoms of a cold.

Garlic has been used as a remedy in our societies ever for a long time, and it is only in the recent past that modern science cough up and borrowed on the miracles of garlic in the form of pills and syrups.




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