Top Five Reasons Why You Are Overeating!

If you have been overeating for a while, there is a need to introspect the grounds, as the long term effects and health concerns can be alarming.

Mindless eating
When we have comfort food at easy access, the munching continues. Most people, who are overeating, don’t even realize that they are actually eating beyond their diet. Switch off all tasks while eating to avoid consuming beyond set limits.

Many of us actually overeat under stress and depression. Every time something bothers you, avoid reaching to the ice-cream tub. Instead, if needed, consider taking professional help and think of bringing down the food quantity by snacking healthy.

Lack of control
Having the best swiss rolls, cakes, chips and more at home only increases the cravings, and people who tend to overweight are more attracted towards junk food. Try to practice emotional and train the brain to eat at right intervals to see the difference.

Excessive dieting
The tryst with weight loss can be tough, and you just may not realize that instead of dieting, you are actually eating more than usual. Don’t starve the body, because the brain then signals the body to get more energy. Even with strict diet plans, having a complete list for meal timings is crucial.

Health issues
If you have increased blood sugar levels, thyroid or similar hormonal issues, it is likely that the food consumption has increased. Consult your medical expert for understanding if there are underlying issues behind uncontrolled eating and whether certain medicines are forcing you to binge!

Most of eating habits are often in the head, which requires good control efforts to keep extra food at bay!


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