Three ways to avoid dementia according to Dr. Will Mitchell

Dementia is a condition affecting elder people and causes momentary memory losses and, in its worst case, Alzheimer’s, a major memory loss. Even though the disease is more common in senior citizens, it may affect people as young as 45 years old.  

A study by the Louisiana State University discovered that the causes of dementia cannot be laid upon the foundation of genetics alone and that the disease is not hereditary but is a product of a person´s lifestyle. 

This means that something needs to be done today.  Dr. Will Mitchell, after witnessing his aunt´s horrible death due to Alzheimer’s, decided to research dementia and Alzheimer’s. This is how, after a decade, he is able to make suggestions on how to avoid dementia. 

Given that dementia is not inherited, Dr. Mitchell proposes three groundbreaking ways to avoid dementia.

  1. Learn one word from a foreign language every day.  This will keep the cognitive part of your brain razor-sharp as it “exercises”.  This practice draws the chances of suffering dementia by keeping the brain alive and revitalizing.
  2. Let music help.   The brain must be fully stimulated.  There is a section of the brain that favorably responds to music.  This is why Dr. Mitchell suggests to play a musical instrument at least once a day.  A strong brain is made this way and it can avoid dementia developing.
  3. Make some dietary changes.  It actually requires very small changes but results are evident.  Green vegetables, fruits such as almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, strawberries, etc. should be an integral part of your diet.

Dr. Mitchell asserts that these simple tasks might spare you a horrible death from dementia or Alzheimer’s in the future.


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