Nick Kyrgios wins first round this week at Rogers Cup

Australian Nick Kyrgios started off the first round at the Rogers Cup on the right foot. He won 6-1, 6-2 round over Viktor Troicki in Montreal on Monday.  

During the grass court season, Kyrgios was hit by a wobbly hip making him retire at the first rounds of the Queen´s London Club and Wimbledon. During the Rogers Cup he did not show any signs of distress during the 51 minutes that his game lasted against Troicki.

 "I'm feeling it all the time," said Kyrgios. "It's not something that is just going to heal. I can compete so that's the most I can do at the moment.” During most of the game, the hot-headed player was able to handle a rather overmatched opponent who is actually dealing with injuries of his own.

Now, what everyone is wondering is if the petulant player is just going through a momentary moment of relief or will he go on to win the Grand Slam?

What people saw during this first round is a Nick Kyrgios willing to bring his best and put his best effort into the game. Probably the only moment in which he could be seen struggling was when he was unable to deliver a knockout punch when he only needed seven match points to defeat his Serb opponent. 

"I just wanted to come out here and try and get the win," Kyrgios said. "I've been struggling the last couple of months.

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