And it’s all about diet and nutrient-full diet

What is the first thing comes into your mind after listing the word diet? Do you think about eating meals containing “not at all tasty” food or meal containing all boiled fruits and vegetable?
Then let me tell you that the word “diet” had a totally different meaning. It means all food and drinks a person consumes to gain sufficient energy to run his day properly. It also connects the eating habits with with mental and physical circumstances of the body.

A good diet consists of all kinds of required nutrient in it. Nutrients are the necessary components which should be present in our food which we utilize to survive, work and grow. They help our body to build new tissues, repair damaged tissues and perform many other regulatory activities.

Organic nutrients are the natural nutrients like fats, protein, carbohydrates and other form of nutrients inorganic nutrients such as water, minerals etc. Essential nutrients are the nutrients which should be necessarily available in our diet. Micronutrients are the nutrients which we want in small quantity where as macronutrients are one which we want in large quantity.

A diet containing adequate nutrition, a balanced diet with some physical activities performed regularly is mile stone for a good health and long happy life and on the other hand poor nutrition can lead to increasing health issues, obesity, reduced productivity and many more things.
So today only consult your doctor to understand your body’s requirement of nutrition and diet and start following it regularly.


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