These Snacks are the Best Way to Manage Your Weight!

Weight management can be a difficult thing to do if you love food. However, with the increasing problems related to obesity it is important that we start managing our weight. Snacking habits can be really difficult to let go and you find yourself binge eating if you ever get a hold of your favorite snacks. But there are other ways to enjoy these snacks without hurting your diet plan. Here are some great snacks that you can eat in your weight management program.

1) Slow Churned Ice-Cream:
Bet you didn’t know that you could eat ice cream when you are on a weight management program. But the trick is to buy slowly churned ice cream. Half a cup if this ice cream contains about 100 calories. This is good for your diet and your sweet-tooth too.

2) Microwave Popcorn:
Microwave popcorn is great way to fill up your hunger when you want to snack on something large. Some brand varieties have only 75 calories for every 4 cups of popcorn. Try to look for these the next time you shop.

3) Cheese and Crackers:
Cheese and Crackers are great snacks. They are easy to munch on and leave you feeling satisfied. The trick is to buy whole grain crackers and low fat cheese. Try to make yourself a small snack. Don’t eat too much; about five of these will be just around 100 calories.

4) Baked Apple:
Though this is not a popular choice among a lot of people, a baked apple only contains 90 calories. If you love apples and don’t mind baking them, then this snack can really keep you full and energized throughout your day.

5) Blueberry Smoothie:
Smoothies are generally heavy in comparison to other drinks. Mix 1/3rd cup of non-fat yogurt with 2/3rd cup of blueberries to get a refreshing drink that is just 90 calories.

6) Edamame:
Edamame beans are the healthiest snacks available. They are delicious to eat and a cup of Edamame can really make your hunger go away. As an added bonus you get protein and fiber too.

Dieting can always be a pain in weight management programs. But if you help yourself to the above snacks then you will find it much easier to manage your calorie intake every day and help you to maintain your perfectly toned body.


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