Quick and healthy Weight Loss Tips

When we are working on a weight loss, we want the results and we want them fast. This makes us do all sorts of unhealthy things that can have very severe impact on our well being in the long run. If you follow a strict rule, you can easily lose up to 3 pounds in a week and that too without jeopardizing your health.

Maintain a calorie deficit
The easiest way to keep the track of weight loss and to keep you motivated is to have an account of calorie deficit. If you lose 500 calories more than you consume, you will easily lose 2-3 pounds in a week’s time. If you need to lose weight even faster, then you need greater deficit. Keep your calorie intake from 1000-1200 calories a day. However, be sure to not take any lesser as this is the necessary intake for your body to remain healthy.

Concentrate on Losing Fluid
This other aspect of losing weight is to cut down the intake of fluids and starch which will reduce the fluid retention and bring down the water weight. You can easily lose up to 5 pounds by simply losing the fluids. Avoid eating too much salt and starch that increases the fluid in the body and adds to the body weight.

Recommended diet for fast weight loss
You should minimize starch, added sugars, animal fat and other fatty dairy products. Preferably eat lots of fruits, vegetables, egg white, soy products, fish, non fat dairy etc. You should also drink plenty of water to keep your body clean from toxins. Avoid getting tempted by food, it’s not going anywhere. As a rule, do not skip meals. Instead eat right and healthy.

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