How to boost your metabolism

Metabolism is the chemical reaction that takes place in the body’s cells that converts the fuel in the food we eat to energy needed for everything the body has to do – breathing, moving, thinking and growing. The body can store energy; usually this is in the form of fat. As the only thing we have control over is the energy we use during exercise, we can take advantage of this phenomenon to reduce the stored fat in our body.

Some people have difficulty raising their metabolism. This can make it difficult for them to lose weight, cause them to have lower energy levels and have many other health problems as well. There are ways that you can boost your metabolism. All you really have to do is trick your body into increasing your metabolic rate.

Tip #1: Increase the Intensity of Running, Walking and Swimming Workouts

The next time you run, walk or swim, do it at a higher intensity for 30 seconds and then return to your regular speed. This will help your body to take in higher levels of oxygen which tricks your cells into working more to burn off energy.

Tip #2: Take in More Omega 3s

The more Omega 3s you ingest, the more balanced your blood sugar levels will be and the better your body will be able to lower inflammation. The combination of these things helps to boost metabolism.

Tip #3: Strength Training Can Help

Muscle does have a higher weight than fat. However, muscle also takes more of your energy. If you strength train for half an hour, two times a week for 3 to 4 months, you will find your metabolism level or rate will have increased.

Tip #4: Eating Breakfast is a Benefit

A great thing you can do to boost your metabolism is to eat a nutritional breakfast every day. You should eat as soon as possible after you wake up.

Boosting your metabolism doesn’t have to be complicated. Use these tips to get started today!

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