4 Key Steps to Effectively Lose Weight

“Successful weight loss takes programming, not willpower.”

The best way to effectively lose weight is to develop the right habits that lead you down the path of weight loss, and conditioning yourself to follow them. If you find yourself constantly derailed by hollow resolutions and inaction, following the simple steps here would get you back on track, and keep you focused.  

Be realistic and specific with your goals
Setting targets you know you could never hit could only end up with you at the bottom of the dreaded ice-cream tub, lamenting your weak will. Know your limitations, and be realistic when setting goals. Being specific about them and writing them down will help you plan your steps and monitor them too.  

Pace yourself
Almost no one achieves their weight loss goals in one fell swoop. It’s best to split your targeted weight loss into milestones, motivating you as you pass each one on your way to the finish line.

Seek help when you need it
Whatever the skinny ones say, losing weight is not a cakewalk *cough*. Oft times, you do need the support of family or friends to spur you on and keep your resolve. There is no shame in leaning on others. After all, here at least, the end does justify the means.

Know your hurdles
Have a weakness for midnight snacks? Sleep early! Or better yet, make sure there’s no leftover pizza in the fridge. We all have our own weaknesses, and knowing yours will prepare you for when you meet them.  

Follow these basic steps when drawing up your weight loss program, and you’ll be surprised how easy the road is.


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